There are three steps to take in getting started with your .eco domain name:

  1. Set up the .eco profile for your domain name
  2. Access your Hexonet account
  3. Update DNS to point your .eco domain name to your website and your email provider

The sections below provides more information about each of these steps.

Setting up your .eco profile

A .eco profile is a webpage that describes your environmental commitments and actions. Everyone with an active .eco website will also have a .eco profile page. We're proud of the .eco profile system! It's the first time a social platform has been integrated with a domain name ending. To learn more, please review our support articles or check out

By default, your .eco domain name (http://[domain].eco) will resolve to your .eco profile once your profile is activated (http: //[domain]). To set up your .eco web site or email address, move on to the next step.

Access your Hexonet account

An account has been created for you at the industry-leading registrar, Hexonet. You can make use of your domain name by managing the DNS records for the names granted to you via your Hexonet account.

To access your account, please locate the password reset email sent to you from, with a Subject line “Hexonet password reset for .eco domain grant”.

Please make note of your User as you will need it to log in after reseting your password.

After clicking on the Reset Password button, you will be taken to the screen where you can input a new, secure password. Once you've entered the password, you will need to log in by entering your User (included in the password reset email) and your new password.

DNS Configuration

Once you have logged into your Hexonet account, you can then configure DNS to point your domain name at your web site or email service. Please review our Hexonet DNS configuration article for more information about how to do this.

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