DNS (Domain Name System) is the way that the Internet connects domain names to various websites and online services. It's like an address book that defines the places that web traffic and email messages going to your .eco domain will be sent to.

Once you're logged in to your Hexonet account, you can edit DNS entries by clicking on the pencil icon next to your .eco domain name.

When it comes to DNS management, there are two options to consider:

  1. Using Hexonet to manage your DNS
  2. Using a third-party service to manage your DNS

To use Hexonet to manage your DNS, just go ahead and add the appropriate DNS records into the Hexonet interface. To point the domain name at your website, the first step is to change the A records to point at your web host. Consult your website provider to find out what DNS records need to be updated. To get your .eco email address set up, you will need to add a set of MX records. Your email provider will be able to tell you what MX records to add.

Some web host providers may require the use of their DNS name servers to serve your site. To use a third-party DNS service, you will need to update the NS records in the Hexonet interface to match the nameservers supplied by your provider. 

Please keep in mind that it can that it can take some time for DNS records to propagate. So if your changes don't show up, it may require waiting while the changes are distributed across the Internet.

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