There is a bug/limitation in the Safari browser where, if you enter a .eco web address into the browser bar, it takes you to a search page instead of to the corresponding web site. This is because Safari maintains a list of "known" extensions. If the web address does not match this known list, Safari assumes that you entered a search term instead of a web address.

This issue is not unique to .eco, but affects many recently launched TLDs (top-level domains). We raised this issue with Apple in November 2016 and Apple is aware of the issue.

There are several reasons why this problem is not that serious:

  1. It depends on users going to your site by entering the domain into the address bar. This is not that common unless you are running print or other non-digital campaigns to promote your web address. This is particularly uncommon for mobile users, who now comprise a majority of web traffic. Links to your website will resolve correctly.
  2. This only happens on the first visit to your website. Safari will resolve the website correctly when entering the web address subsequently.
  3. Safari accounts for less than 15% of web traffic. Other browsers, like Google Chrome, do not have this problem.
  4. Apple will fix this issue - they have resolved this problem for other extensions in the past. It will require a new release of the Safari browser.
  5. By ensuring that your website is registered and optimized with search engines it should show up at or near the top of the search results.

If you have any questions or concerns about this, please reach out to us and let us know. Feel free to also let Apple know that you are experiencing this issue.

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